The project includes film – Interviews with naturalists and artists, recognized specialists. It will be presented to the public and part of the interviews will be made available on the project website. Interview with:

Marcin Kostrzyński,

Urszula Zajączkowska,

Diana Lelonek,

Stanisław Łubieński,

Agnieszka i Łukasz Przybył (pszczelarium)

For the film, which will be presented in the cinema version and at film festivals.

We are thankful to Krzysztof Maniak the author of performances, as well we are thankful to authors for sharing private photos of works and fragments of Diana Lelonek’s films and Urszula Zajączkowska’s photographs and animations, and recordings by Marcin Kostrzyński’s hidden camera were made especially for our project. We would like to thank the naturalists and artists for lending us their works as well as the Krakow Film Klaster team for a beautifully recorded, directed and edited film. Thank you to Hobbit for the English translation of the interviews in the film!

Details & Info