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Nature is my Homeland – creative activities (drawing, installation, graphics, intermedia activities) focused on the concept of an ancient homeland which is nature, based on cultural anthropology, art history, and natural sciences. During workshops, meetings and lectures, artists and scientists will analyze models of human contact with nature and their reflection in art. The search for analogies between historical and contemporary understanding of nature in Polish, Serbian, German and American culture will play an important role.



The creators will reflect on important contemporary questions: Is nature transnational and do ethnic maps coincide with biotopes? Are the plants political? Can you outline inspirational parallels between processes? occurring in the plant world and society? What is the migration and colonization of living organisms in the context of urban development? Does Nature look at history indifferently? What is the imaginary of our culture in the context of the schematization of the perception of Nature? Can Art save the Earth?


Project is holding international: WORKSHOPS/SEMINARS with participations of specialists, artists, pedagogues i students from Krakow, Trier, Tuscaloosa, Belgrade,; EXHIBITIONS, SYMPOSIUM involving participants from Poland, Germany, Seria, United States of America and from other countries and PUBLISHED MONOGRAPHY.


Marta Bożyk – coordinator
team: prof. Joanna Kaiser, dr Katarzyna Skrobiszewska, prof. Bogdan Achimescu, dr Agnieszka Jankowska Marzec

 Agnieszka Pletty – financial coordinator

dr Jelena Todorović – coordinator in Belgrade

prof. Anna Bulanda Pantalacci – curator from Trier; prof. Milivoj Pavlović – curator from Belgrade; prof. Marysia Galbraith – curator from Alabama


Workshops leaders at Podhale – Thomas Moecker and Sebastian Goegel

lecturers: prof. Bartosz Płachno UJ The Migration of Plants; prof. Jelena Todorovic FLU How nature and space shaped the city; dr Agnieszka Jankowska – Marzec The Nature in Art; prof.Marysia Galbraith Handmade Nation: Arts and Crafts Movements and National Identity and Rooted in Place: Family Heritage and Homeland in the Polish Diaspora

curators of the international exhibition The Vistula is burning: Katarzyna Skrobiszewska, Magdalena Lazar   

curator of The Elements exhibition in Krakow: Marta Bozyk               

workshops leaders: Bogdan Achimescu and Elzbieta Wysakowska-Walters – Green Guerillaz City Activists, (Zielona Miejska Partyzantka) 

redactor of publication: Agnieszka Jankowska Marzec 
final catalogue designer: Jakub Sowiński
photos of the project: Edyta Dufaj, Karol Pałka, Natalia Wiernik, Svietlana Volić
webside designer: Barbara Janczak Morf Studio

WORKSHOPS I in Podhale, led by invited artists for a group of students from all partners institutions, will take up the topic of the relationship of native folklore and high art at the turning points of history. Result of the WORKSHOPS II and the WORKSHOPS III educators from Serbia and Poland The Elements will create two portfolios of original graphics, EXHIBITION in both countries and a publication. A WORKSHOP IV Green Guerillaz City Activists of the group of students from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Hochschule Trier will be held in Krakow, inspired by the activities of green urban guerrilla activists. EXHIBITION, which is a continuation of the Krakow educators’ project The Vistula is burning, with the participation of polish and foreign artists and students from partner universities, take place in Krakow. WORKSHOPS V printmaking for students from AFA on Faculty of Graphic Art. During 5 days in 5 studios 28 students would work on prints. In July 2021 will be hold exhibition of this artworks. 

The project will sum up the INTERVIEWS of recognized specialists, artists and nature lovers: Marcin Kostrzyński, Urszula Zajaczkowska, Diana Lelonek, Stanisław Łubieński, Agnieszka i Łukasz Przybył ( Beautiful performances in film are creates by Krzysztof Maniak. We are thankful to all of specialists to share in this project their art, private documentation, photos of art pieces and animated films.

All film in cinema version will be present oat the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and film festivals.

The culmination of the project will be PUBLICATIONS of an extensive, bilingual monograph and others. One of our universities’ priorities is the internationalization of teaching and research processes. Conducting an intensive exchange under the Erasmus + program, we need extended, long-term cooperation systems that would allow the consolidation of creative and teaching methods in a format that goes beyond the mobility dimension as such. For educators and students, the project means a chance to create and test new procedures and gain multifaceted experience. For our university, it is a chance to implement and promote internationalization as an important didactic tool and flow of artistic ideas.


Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Jana Matejki w Krakowie

pl. Matejki 13, 31-157 Kraków

tel. +48 12 422-24-50

NIP: 675-00-07-570


Bogdan Achimescu

Marta Bożyk

Agnieszka Jankowska Marzec

Katarzyna Skrobiszewska

Joanna Kaiser


koordynator projektu:
Marta Bożyk

koordynator finansowy:
Agnieszka Pletty

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